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Church Kneelers & Hassocks


e make high quality affordable Church Kneelers/Hassocks in any size and thickness you require and these can be covered in any of our wide range of hard wearing upholstery fabrics.

We are pleased to offer various options when it comes to making your kneelers/hassocks. These include different foam and fabric options, with piped edges

A church kneeler cushion

…or plain seams with the fitting of 'ears', to aid handling…

A church kneeler cushion with 'ears'

…or 'D-Rings' for easy storage (shown below).

Church kneelers with 'D-rings'

We have a special Free Kneeler Sample Pack that we'll happily send you without obligation – click here for more deatils.

Embroidered church knellers and hassocks

In addition to making kneelers/hassocks in a variety of plain fabrics, if you have an embroidery requirement, we can help you! We have some embroidery designs already set up on our machine, or if you prefer then we can embroider virtually any design or wording you that you wish… and our minimum order… is just one!

Church kneeler cushions and hassocks
A church kneeler
Kneelers made any size
A church kneeler cushion with 'D-ring' fitted
'D' rings fitted if required…
D-rings enable easy storage of church kneeler cushions
…for easy storage
A plain fabric church kneeler
Many plain fabrics available
An embroidered church kneeler
Bespoke embroidered text available
An 'In memory' embroidered kneeler cushion
An 'In Memory' Kneeler
Church kneeler with a 'standard' embroidered design
One of our 'Standard' designs…
Church hassock cushion with a 'standard' embroidered design
…and another
Church Kneelers for Oxfordshire Hussars
Kneelers for Oxfordshire Hussars
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